John Merx Bio


John Merx has been performing music since 1997 when his friends convinced him to play his harmonica publicly at Shaman’s Bluff in Big Rapids, Michigan. 22 years later, John started his solo artist career in 2019 with his first single I Am Real. Produced by Adam Stehr of Stehreo Records, I Am Real scorches the depths of emotional exploration. Since 2015, John has been performing almost thirty original songs, and a few covers, with a cast of world class musicians in the funk and blues band Switch Fu. John’s work as a recording artist may also be found on the harmonica and vocal tracks of various blues, funk, rock, jam, punk and even EDM releases. Creating art is the end game. All music is art.

“Smoky cool vocals at their finest.”

Ronnie Rhoads, Big Riff Studio

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